Fibromyalgia and chronic Illness Holiday Coping Strategies

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It is that time of year again! The time of year we are supposed to cook, clean, spend money, and expected to remember this is the happiest time of the year and put a smile on our face! (Do you sense the sarcasm in my voice?) The Holidays are a challenge for a healthy person, but for someone with a Chronic Medical Condition the challenge can be overwhelming. There are ways to insure YOU enjoy the Holiday because YOU deserve that and sometimes that means YOU saying "NO!" All you type A personalities that want to please everyone I know it is hard to say "NO" But this year YOU are going to be in control and YOU are going to enjoy the Holidays just like everyone else. For more advice and holiday tip read our blog post!


"Everyone has different ways of coping and we’re all at different stages of our personal recovery journeys."

Michelle Howieson

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Tips & Hints

  • Set Expectations

    Setting expectations are a great way to ensure that a briefing runs smoothly without constant interruptions. Stating expectations at th...
  • Be resourceful

    Never give up or give in when faced with a challenge. Find out as much information as you can about your situation, whether that means ...
  • Have a good support system

    A support system can consist of friends or family or simply a group of people that are going through the same difficult situation. Reme...
  • Handle your emotions

    In any and every situation that you encounter you will have emotional responses. Sometimes you may feel emotions such as hurt, sad, dis...
  • Have a sense of humor

    Learn to laugh at your situation or mistakes no matter how bad they are. Laughter is like medicine and sometimes it can be contagious. ...
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