What are Coping Strategies


It is almost impossible to predict how one person will respond to stress and trauma at any particular time. Some people are capable of dealing with tremendous amounts of pressure, and can even thrive on it. Others, however, will find themselves overwhelmed by apparently trivial developments.

Our reaction to stressful events is determined by a host of different factors, including the scale of the events themselves (e.g. were they life threatening) and our life circumstances at the time (e.g. were you already stressed by other factors).

But perhaps the most crucial indicator of how we deal with stress and trauma is the quality of our coping strategies. The more effectively we’re able to respond to stress, and minimise the anxiety that comes along with it, the more resilient we will become in the long term.

Both cumulative and acute stress has the capacity to undermine our ability to function. Trauma can put a stop to everything. The ways we find to cope, however, will have a critical impact on our ability to recover and return to a productive, functioning life.

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"There is a way out. Whatever first step you decide upon, take it today. You will not regret it."


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