How Stress Affects Me Before and After I Quit Drinking Alcohol

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"How Stress Affects Me Before and After I Quit Drinking Alcohol
Before I quit, I lived in a twilight zone where there is stress but drink becomes a very efficient way of temporarily alleviating that stress. Drink until blotto.
Then you don’t really think a lot about the stress.
But it’s not relieving anything, it’s only masking the problems.
The problems which are causing you to stress are still there, left undealt with. The frame that your thinking is locked into never gets changed because you can’t think straight, ever.
When you’re focused on the next party, getting to the weekend or the evening when you can ‘relax’ - the mental drinking stage, then you have the physical stage where you’re actually doing the drinking, then the hangover.
Your brain turns to mush. The influence of alcohol goes much deeper than the actual effect of the drug. Think of all the things you’re missing out on because of the drinking, because your brain is not working right.
That’s how I used to deal with stress… drink… it’s how I used to deal with a lot of problems. That’s why I never dealt with a lot of stuff.
I spoke about FOMO, the fear of missing out, as something which we all succumb to after we stop drinking. It’s bullshit! Missing out on what?
Eating food… stresses me out sometimes.
What do I feel when I’m stressed.
How am I able to deal with my stress better now that I don’t drink. No ups and downs. No rollercoaster. Better thinking. Think clearer about it.
I still get days, when for one reason or another, I get stressed or feel a bit low.
There are many different natural reasons for this. Something might happen which knocks me out of my comfort zone. Something someone said to me. Some food didn’t agree with me, although I get that less and less. I maybe didn’t get a good nights sleep. Something happened to someone else, someone I’m close to which causes a little stress.
My main goal for stress relief is to keep negative influences to a controllable minimum.
The rest I can deal with.

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"Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness."

Richard Carlson

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