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Consider the following attempting to attain a lighter, more positive attitude and perspective to life’s many ups and downs.

 1.       Recognise the problem or at least identify that there is a problem. Remember that we will not be able to move on without first knowing that indeed, a problem or a slight glitch in our lives exists.

 2.       Think of ways to solve it. Talk to trusted friends at work, brainstorm, research in the internet, ask our elders. Really, our elders, if you’re still fortunate to have them around, could be a treasure trove of age old wisdom. They can give unqualified, bird’s eye views of your situation. If you can see beyond their wrinkles and freckles, you can see the truth in every wagging of their “bastion”.

 3.       Rule out the best advice. Choose the advice most comfortable to you, your upbringing, values, and priorities. Whether trusting your instincts or choosing the best advice from your grandmother, choose advice which you think and feel will give the least amount of burden or pain on your part or for those people who maybe inadvertently be affected by it - the “path of least resistance”, as the saying goes.

 4.       Just do it – as a famous line in a sport’s commercial goes. Having chosen the best path to take, all you have to do is trust in your instincts and the power beyond and utilise it. Take the challenge head on and jump the proverbial “leap of faith”. Then you’ll realise that the real challenge is not solving the problem but who or what you’ve become upon landing, whether on your feet, or on all fours.




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The Have I Got A Problem website is a free online resource to help people better understand any issues or concerns they may have about mental health or addiction. The website includes resources specifically focused to; general Mental Health, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Insecurities, Self-harm Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Anger Management, Eating Disorders, Coping, general Addiction, Alcohol, Smoking, Gambling, Drugs, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana (Cannabis) Ecstasy, PCP, Mephedrone, Ketamine & Crystal Meth.

The site was created to give the public information to help them understand mental health and addiction issues and to assist people in making better informed decisions about their life and personal choices. was created and is run by 'Advising Communities’, which is a UK registered charity (Charity No. 1061055)


"Having a pet is really an effective for stress. I have a Labrador and I feel very relaxing while playing with him."


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