How To Handle Stress Like A Spartan…

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"Confused about what to text him? Just copy and paste any of these 9 texts -

Be honest, maybe you have an exam coming up...

Maybe you have bills to pay...

Maybe a family situation is giving you anxiety...

Maybe you just STILL don’t know where your career is going…

Big or small, we always have to deal with stress. And those stresses can pile up and completely overwhelm you to the point where you just give up, feeling defeated.

Most people walk around in a constant state of anxiety, feeling tense 24 hours a day, powerless to deal with these daily worries. I don’t want that for you.

Instead, make sure you employ THIS deceptively simple mental strategy to become 5x more productive and stop stress getting the better of you EVER AGAIN.

This week’s video is all about fortifying your defences so that you have the unstoppable confidence of a Spartan warrior and face down your to-do list as if it were nothing at all. Do it now and join me in taking back your power...

Leave me a comment and let me how you handled your own stress like a champ...

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"Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness."

Richard Carlson

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Tips & Hints

  • Take a break

    Nobody thinks twice about an athlete taking a break to recover from the amount of energy used up when performing to their physical utmo...
  • Sing!

    You may not think you’re very good at it, but no-one needs to hear! In various studies singing has been proven to reduce blood press...
  • Break your routine

    Shake it up. The creation of routine through the necessity of repeating tasks in our day-to-day lives does have the advantage of simpli...
  • Express your feelings

    Don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Talk them through with a friend or write them down. Mentally replay your experiences as if watc...
  • Carpe Diem!

    Live in the here and now instead of the past or the future. Take note of what is happening now instead of being anxious about what mig...
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