• What is Stress

    What is Stress.pdf   Researchers define stress as a physical, mental, or emotional response to events that cause bodily or mental tension. Simply put, stress is any external force or event that has an effect on our body or mind. More >>
  • Self-Help Advice

    Self-Help Advice Stress.pdf   Consider the following attempting to attain a lighter, more positive attitude and perspective to life’s many ups and downs. More >>
  • Overcoming Stress

    Overcoming Stress.pdf   Stress can be an insidious problem that can sneak into your life and turn it upside down, wrecking your health, your relationships and your career. We’re all exposed to it, but we don’t have to become affected by it. More >>
  • Exercise and Stress

    Exercise and Stress.pdf   One way to take control of the stress in your life is through physical activity. Being active can boost your feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries. More >>
  • How To Manage Stress

    How To Manage Stress.pdf   Stress is simply a fact of nature -- forces from the outside world affecting the individual. Hence, all living creatures are in a constant interchange with their surroundings (the ecosystem), both physically and behaviourally. This interplay of forces, or More >>
  • Signs and Symptoms of Stress

    Signs and Symptons of stress.pdf   What do we mean by stress? What are the tell-tale signs? And how do you know when you need further help? Dr Roger Henderson, a GP and expert on stress, has the answers. More >>
  • Causes and Effects of Stress

    Cause and Effects of Stress.pdf   Modern times are filled with stressful situations, whether it's deadlines at work, difficulties with family members and friends or health and financial issues. Stress is a normal response to any of these and many other anxiety and stress-provoking situati More >>
  • Why Do We Have Stress

    Why Do We Have Stress.pdf   Stress is a word we hear daily. We hear of remedies for stress, causes of stress, stories from people who are stressed, and we probably experience stress ourselves. But stress is more than a mere word; it is physical and emotional response to danger, anxi More >>
  • What Causes Stress

    What cause stress.pdf   The causes of stress are known as stressors and there are literally hundreds of different types of stressors. Any event in life that a person finds threatening, difficult to cope with or causes excess pressure can be a potential cause of stress. It is imp More >>
  • Dealing With Stress

    Dealing with stress.pdf   The first step is to learn to recognise when you're feeling stressed. Early warning signs of stress may include tension in your shoulders and neck, or clenching your hands into fists. More >>