Overcoming Methamphetamine Addiction


Meth addiction is psychologically devastating affliction that has long lasting effects on the mind and body. Meth, also known as speed, is homemade chemical that acts as a stimulant. Meth addicts, or tweakers, become quickly seduced by the drug because it produces strong feelings of euphoria and its uncanny ability to keep a person awake for days and even weeks.

However, as with all things that are too good to be true, the drug will take a turn for the worse after repeated uses and will need to be treated with drug rehab or a treatment.

So, once you have been hooked by the evil that is Meth addiction how do you stop?

1) You Have A Problem!

If you do not realize and submit to the fact that you have a problem, how can you ever ask for help? This is ALWAYS the first step in overcoming any addiction. Even if an intervention were to take place, if you cannot admit your defeat, you cannot be helped.

How do you know if you have a problem or not?

Here is a good question to ask yourself in trying to decipher the answer to this question.

"Have I ever tried to stop and not been able to?" Or, "have I ever stopped for a period of time but always gone back to the drug?" Or, "Do I have trouble stopping once I start?"

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have a problem and need a drug rehab program.

2) Ask For Help

Once you have conceded that you have a problem you obviously need help. You can find help almost anywhere now-a-days. Look on the internet or within your local community. I'm positive you can find a place that is qualified to help you with your problem. Look for a Treatment Center, or a Detox, or Rehab program.

3) Get Into a Program

Once you find a place that says they can help you, get into their program. This is just as important as the first two steps because you can admit you have a problem and ask for help but if you don't follow that up with action you won't get better. So after you ask for help, accept the help that is offered whether you think it is what you need or not. Just go and follow directions.

Now that you know this, all of your excuses have been taken away. You cannot say that nobody ever told you how to help yourself. So what are you waiting for? Take these steps and get better. Keep doing what you're doing and get worse. It's your choice.


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"By the time I was done with my addiction to crystal meth, I had racked up 4 arrests, 9 felonies, a $750,000 bail, a year in jail."


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