Psychological Addiction


Crystal Meth or methamphetamines, in general, are central nervous system stimulants that resemble the drug amphetamines in their chemical structure. However, crystal meth has an emphatic onset of effects that is not as profound in amphetamines.  Since crystal meth is water soluble, it can be dissolved in water and injected intravenously, which gets the drug to the brain in concentrated doses and causes that "rush" of neuro-hormones that leads to a "rush" of adrenaline and causes the body's metabolism to immediately surge, causing a feeling of excitement as well as increased heart-rate and blood pressure.  

One of the most affected neurotransmitters is Dopamine, which is responsible for feelings of pleasure, increases motivation and stimulates motor function. Crystal meth increases the release of dopamine and blocks the natural reabsorption of this neuro-hormone.  This is the chemical reason in the brain that one feels pleasure that is usually connected with things such as eating good food, sex, completing a difficult task and other actions that we are built within us to produce pleasure. These good feelings are being transmitted in the brain by dopamine.  When a person takes crystal meth, the response is artificially created with a much higher impact than one’s natural reward feelings.

When you feel good naturally, your brain is not reabsorbing dopamine rapidly, but when this neuro-hormone is artificially stimulated, the levels are elevated and the body, in its attempt to keep an equilibrium, the neurotransmitter is reabsorbed quickly and you feel depressed, empty and hollow.

The only stable way to feel these elated feelings is to do the things that naturally produce the feelings and, in response, produce dopamine.  This reward system has been one of our motivating reasons that man survives the struggles he encounters to survive in a world that isn't necessarily easy or friendly. This system is closely connected to feelings that lead to religious experiences and other feelings that make life valuable and sustain us through tough episodes.

For people that are not using amphetamines, this chemical system doesn't roller coaster from highs to lows, but keeps us in a state where we can function "normally". When you take these drugs, however, you artificially induce exhilaration and excitement and since these levels of dopamine are extreme, the body over-absorbs it from the blood stream and a person falls into depression.

It is difficult to see how this can lead to a psychological addiction almost with the first use. Many doesn't do well in sustaining feelings of depressing and exhaustion for extended periods, especially when he knows that if he takes some more of the "speed", he will end the empty feeling and be back to the high that was emotionally very rewarding.

This is the cycle of a meth addict. As one continues to abuse this drug, they will push themselves into periods of extreme use where they will be "speeding" for two to three days, without sleep and usually without nutrition. What hasn't been mentioned is the fact that when the body is struggling to metabolize this "poison" out of the blood stream, it uses large amounts of calcium, so the meth addict or even the meth user is robbing his body of its most vital mineral. Calcium is needed to keep the heart beating and the body will take calcium out of the bones and teeth before it allows the heart to go without its calcium.

Meth-mouth is a product of this need for calcium as well as an expression of the toxins that are poisoning the body.


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"It wasn't me when I was using, I was soulless."


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