Rehab programs will implement a 3-step system to address addiction issues:

  1. medically assisted detox
  2. behavioural treatment
  3. after care

These steps are necessary to help the person who was once addicted to live a secure and sober life once outside; with the promise of security that he or she will no longer go back to drug abuse. Every rehab program uses a multifaceted approach. The fact is it is not enough to undergo detox and hope that the addiction will be gone. Psychotherapy, counselling and guidance are proven treatment aspects that can help the person be prevent relapse or go back to taking drugs.

First is the detox that is medically assisted. Patients should never try detox for drugs especially if they use multiple drugs throughout their lives. Detox is the cleansing of the body off the drugs. It will also target the brain, using various doses of potent drugs to eliminate the drugs and cleanse the affected parts. While doing that, medications to fight withdrawal can be implemented. This is necessary to help the patient ease out on the effects of cleansing the body off the drugs. The body is also nourished with essential nutrients that have been missing in the body. It is a carefully paced process that is necessary to prevent any adverse effects. The doctor will then offer medication depending on the drugs taken to prevent relapse and cravings.

The next phase is behavioural treatment. Depending on the psychological condition of the patient, a psychiatrist or psychologist will be employed to offer psychotherapy to the patients. The program can be an outpatient program or an inpatient program. In the outpatient program, the person can get behavioural -cognitive therapy, motivational interviewing, multidimensional family therapy and incentives. These are done by the patient by visiting a clinic or centre ion regular intervals and can be done for those patients with not much severe issues and needs general guidance and family support along the way. The residential program is best for those with more extreme cases.

Lastly, there is after care program. This one is done by most rehab centres since most of them do not condone the use of medications. Once the person is ready for life outside, it would still be natural for them to feel unsafe and insecure. After care can be done on a daily or weekly basis and can be done as an individual or group session.

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