My Eating Disorder Story

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"*TRIGGER WARNING*: I do include some body pictures of my transformation.

I was really hesitant to make this, but I just want to help anyone out there who is struggling with an ED and show that THINGS DO GET BETTER!!!
Thank you guys so so much for supporting me in recovery. For 4 years nobody knew, then on instagram about 2 weeks into recovery I decided to share a little about how I was doing and my progress. And now I'm ready to share the full story and hopefully encourage some of you to choose recovery with me, too :)

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"My eating disorder took over for about eight months until I got therapy, which helped immensely, but also made me realize I was pursuing a dream and career that I didn't really want at all, which was really at the root of my obsession with food and weight"


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Tips & Hints

  • Eat Meals with Family or Friends

    A person who is anxious about eating will feel more comfortable doing so among other people they trust, such as family or friends. This...
  • Keep a Food Diary

    Keep a food diary of what you eat and when you eat it to help you focus on eating regularly. Also record any episodes of going without ...
  • Take Regular Exercise

    Studies have shown exercise to have a positive effect on low self-esteem and poor body image, which are widely cited as being contribut...
  • Be Patient

    Unhealthy relationships with food do not develop overnight, and it can take many months and even years to regain full control over your...
  • Eat Healthy Foods

    The types of foods we eat are important. We all like to indulge in our favourite foods every once in a while, but we should also eat as...
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