How I Healed My Depression

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I haven't spoke about this publicly until now... and it's taken a lot of courage to tell you this...

Early last year, I was down. Way down. And nearly out for good.

Many aspects of my life were crumbling around me. My TV series was cancelled, my book deal evaporated, my romantic relationship ended and I was dropped by my manager. On top of it all, I couldn't pay my rent. I was groundless, broken, confused and suicidal.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression.

Instead of allowing this to destroy me, I decided to accept the big wake up call from the Universe and do whatever it took to pull myself out of the darkness. And now, I'm ready to share my perspectives, strategies and experiences that allowed me to heal from depression and reclaim my life.

It's not an easy process, believe me. It takes, courage, commitment, compassion and a lot of experimentation to find the right puzzle pieces. But once the puzzle finally fits... you can feel it.

On November 15th, please join me in Santa Monica, California for a live, interactive workshop and storytelling class, Out of the Darkness: Healing from Depression and Reclaiming Your Spark.

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"As guys, we were taught to suck it up and just deal with it and move on. I did that for years and not only did I suffer, but so did the ones I love"

Chato B Stewart

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Tips & Hints

  • Getting support from people

    Together we are stronger. Receiving the support you need is crucial to lifting you from the fog of depression and keeping it at bay. Ma...
  • Healthy food, healthy mind

    You are what you eat! What you eat has a direct impact on the way you feel. Aim for a balanced diet of protein, complex carbohydrates, ...
  • Doing exercise

    Exercise is a powerful tool for dealing with depression. It may be the last think you feel like doing when you’re depressed. But, stu...
  • Sleep tight

    A good nights sleep is essential for any improvement in well-being. Aim for 8 hours of sleep if possible. Depression typically involves...
  • Positive Thinking

    Those with a more positive outlook tend to deal more easily with daily challenges, even minor ones such as not being able to find a par...
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