• What is Self-Harm

    What is self-harm.pdf   Self-harm is a way of expressing very deep distress. Often, people don't know why they self-harm. It's a means of communicating what can't be put into words or even into thoughts and has been described as an inner scream. Afterwards, people feel better ab More >>
  • Why do People Harm Themselves

    Why do people harm themselves.pdf   A person who self-harms is likely to have gone through very difficult, painful experiences as a child or young adult. At the time, they probably had no one they could confide in, so didn't receive the support and the emotional outlet they needed to deal w More >>
  • Self-Help Advice

    Self-Help Advice.pdf   Self-harm help, top tips on breaking the cycle If you feel like you want to self-harm there are some tried and tested ways of dispelling the urge: 1) Distraction Distracting yourself from the feelings and/or triggers can help quell the powerful urge t More >>
  • Symptons of Self-Harm

    Symptoms of self-harm.pdf   The most common form of self-harm is cutting your skin with a knife, razor blade, or a piece of glass. The cuts are not usually deep but, in some cases, medical attention is needed to clean, dress and stitch the wounds. More >>
  • Causes of Self-Harm

    Causes of self-harm.pdf   The causes of self-harm are the things that set it off in the first place - not necessarily what makes the individual continue to self-harm. More >>
  • Who is Most Likely To Self-Harm

    Who is most likely to self-harm.pdf   According to research, the majority are young women, although the percentage of young men seems to be on the increase. Self-harming behaviour is also significant among minority groups discriminated against by society. Someone who has mental health problem More >>
  • How Can I stop self-harming

    How Can I Stop Self-Harming.pdf   There is nothing worse than the feeling of not having enough reserves of strength to overcome something you know you must get over in order to survive. More >>
  • Myths Around Self-Harm

    Myths around self-harm.pdf   People who self-harm are not necessarily suicidal or seeking attention. But these are just two of the misconceptions you may come across. More >>
  • Self-Harm Treatment

    Self-Harm Treatment.pdf   It is important for anyone who self-harms to see their GP, who will aim to treat the underlying emotional cause as well as any physical injury. Your GP is likely to ask you about your feelings in some detail. They will want to establish why you self-harm, More >>
  • Self-Injury in adolescents

    Self-Injury in adolescents.pdf   Self-injury is the act of deliberately destroying body tissue, at times to change a way of feeling. Self-injury is seen differently by groups and cultures within society. This appears to have become more popular lately, especially in adolescents. More >>