Seeking help


Anxiety is a problem which feeds on itself and is often covered up and dealt with in isolation. Help should be sought as soon as possible. If physical symptoms are severe consult your GP as first port of call. Counselling may help to face the fears and rebuild self-esteem.

What aspects of anxiety can Counselling address?

  • Co-manage getting life back to normal
  • Help to define and reframe your most common anxieties
  • Help you to manage and understand anxiety or panic attacks
  • Learn to manage your life better through meeting your needs
  • Understand your own limits and triggers for anxiety and stress
  • Help to confront and tolerate your fears
  • Understanding the effects of your self-esteem and expectations
  • Consider the wider context of your relationships and their effect.

Sometimes understanding where an anxiety originated can help realise a new perspective. Relaxation techniques such as guided fantasy and muscle tension are two techniques that can be used to break the cycle.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has a structured approach to dealing with anxiety in stages. It allows sufferers to look at their own unhealthy thinking and employs graduated exercises in desensitisation and exposure to help people face their fears and anxieties. Psychoanalytic work can look at the origins of the anxiety and offer new perspectives when the time is right.

Some of the ideas in this piece are taken from Dr. Claire Weekes ‘Self-Help for your Nerves’ (1977). Thorsens. This is a delightful book and although a little dated offers much encouragement and recognition from a GP who had suffered from anxiety herself.

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"My anxiety and voices makes it impossible for me to stand university. I tried going to real uni and had to go to the online program because I couldn't stand it."


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