What Is Crystal Meth Addiction?


Crystal meth is classified as an amphetamine. Addiction to crystal meth is so destructive that many chronic users risk brain damage, coma, stroke or death. Crystal meth, also known as speed, chalk, ice, crystal and glass is a stimulant that is both highly addictive and extraordinarily toxic. It is smoked or injected to induce a sense of euphoria. Crystal meth highs last longer than that of other drugs and the consequences of crystal meth use are frightening. Meth-induced euphoria is followed by a “tweaking” stage that causes the addict extreme paranoia.

People who use crystal meth will have their lives deteriorate quickly. Many meth addicts have relationship difficulties, financial issues, inability to keep stable employment and failing health. Crystal meth abuse is also associated with physical ailments due to neglect such as tooth decay, malnutrition and liver disease. Withdrawal from crystal meth can be physically and psychologically difficult. It is safest to medically detox in an inpatient detox facility.

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"My lowest point was when I realised I was stealing money from my daughters Christmas presents to fund my habit."

P. Gomez

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