For Girls Who Had Eating Disorders Not "Bad Enough" For Treat ...

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"*Trigger warning for Eating Disorders. A spoken word poem speaking honestly about the reality of experiencing an eating disorder. Subscribe for weekly videos & find out more at

For the girls who have had eating disorders that weren't bad enough for treatment: take care of yourself. Don't watch this if it will trigger you.

For the girls who currently have eating disorders that they aren't sure are ""bad enough"" for treatment: Find help somehow. NEDA has a live chat that can be helpful. You can also email me, though I don't have the answers. My answer is to find something bigger than yourself that it's worth it to be healthy for. That thing for me was theatre, it might be something else for you. Know that I never liked my body more (or to be honest, was in better shape in ALL ways) than when I could finally let go of the obsession and eat well and exercise for vitality rather than appearance.

For people with daughters or friends or loved ones that you suspect have an eating disorder but aren't sure if it's ""bad enough"" for treatment: Say something. Write them a note. Write someone who can help them a note. EDs thrive on secrecy and even though the person might hate you for it, it's something that needs to come out into the light. Love them fiercely enough to interrupt the patterns they have started.

For people who are completely baffled by eating disorders and don't know anyone who's had one: Lucky you! But still, go read The Beauty Myth. Understand that if men had eating disorders at the rate of women we'd be calling it an epidemic and actually taking steps and putting boatloads of money towards stopping it. But because of history and gender roles and how much money is being made from telling women they aren't beautiful enough (but they could be if they just worked hard enough/bought the right thing/etc.) we are failing them.

Read the full text of the poem here:"


"It may sound daunting - especially if you've been secretive for so long - but telling someone you trust is a good first step"


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